What We Do
Experience transformational life coaching with horses!  Come explore opportunities for expanding your potential in the area of mind, body and spirit.

Let the horses be your teachers. They are sentient beings who can give you a new perspective on life.

Through working with horses you will expand on and develop your intuition, compassion, and leadership.  They offer tangible ways to explore yourself as an energetic being. 

Horses are masterful teachers of nonverbal communication by responding to cues from you that emanate from your emotional states and patterns held from life experiences. 

They show you how to trust your inner knowing and intuition. They show you how to bring more of your true self into interactions and situations, and how to move successfully into the skills of a being who you came into this world to be.

Their communication system is made up almost entirely of a silent language of gestures and energy. How you relate to the horse can act as your guide in growth, learning and self-development.
As prey and herd animals they are extremely aware. Nature provides them with instincts and senses that are very astute. This acute sensitivity of the horse acts like a mirror for the humans around them.  Horses let us know how we are presenting ourselves in terms of emotions, energy fields and body movements.

With horses, you can consciously experience nonverbal communication offering you the opportunity to become aware of the enriching, psychic and magical expereinces you can have in life. 

Horses react to what lies in our hearts. They offer us a unique opportunity to see our authentic selves.  Working with them enables people to quickly discover insight and take immediate action in creating their desired life. 

Our horses are powerful teachers.  As a coach and facilitator, I watch for these teachable movements the horses identify and help you develop a plan to move forward feeling peaceful, whole, motivated and purposeful with the tools to access what you learned from our equine coaches.

The work we do with our horse partners is done on the ground, not riding. This makes equine assisted coaching accessible to people who have never had any experience with horses.
Allow us to uniquely facilitate movement towards your personal growth while you discover your potential and start living your life's true purpose through partnering with horses.

Come join us and learn about yourself!

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Our Coaching Packages
The horse/human relationship -- an unconventional approach for personal development and growth.

Healing Power of the Majestic Horse

​​Step Into The Arena of Your Life

Change Your Stride Transition Program

Through guided exercises with the horse on the ground you learn to identify what is true for you. ​​Through monthly coaching calls you will take what you learned from the horse and apply it to your life.  I will support you, be your advocate and partner in your journey.
  • You will achieve clarity and focus in the moment.
  • You will develop the ability to stay focused on goals.
  • You will move forward with confidence and ease. 
  • You will learn how to listen and respect your intuition and impressions.
Learn to trust your intuition and impressions while allowing a different kind of knowledge to come through so you can create a life path full of energetic and spiritual characteristics.

  • Ignite new pathways that will create possibility and growth
  • Experience and incorporate cooperation over competition, relationship over territory, responsiveness over strategy, emotion and intuition over logic, process over goal
  • Connect and learn deeply with a sentient being
You are successful in what you do.  You have been doing it for a while now and are ready to move onto something else.​​

You want change, you want something else.

  • Are you ready for that next step but don't know how to take it?
  • Do you wish your life had direction and more meaning?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck?
  • Are you ready for support in moving forward?
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