The horse/human relationship -- unconventional approach for personal development and growth.

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Healing Power of the Majestic Horse

Personal Development Through Equine Guided Coaching

Step Into The Arena of Your Life​ 


Change Your Stride Transition Program

Live the life you were born to live
through Equine Guided Coaching 

You are ready for a change.  I can help​!

5 Months

You are a passionate person and are bored in your current life. You want to move on to something else that brings you excitement and motivation. Your current life is stressing you out. That’s because you “don’t know what you don’t know” about transitioning yet.  There’s a lot of energy going out, and not a lot of positive energy coming in. You want to know how to find fulfillment in your daily life through direction and meaning. 

I can help create a strategy and do some serious planning to move forward.   It’s all about determining your wants and needs and creating the plan, and then working the plan to move forward.  Then, it’s all about creating the focus you need move your life forward.

Let me help you

  • Develop a life that has direction and meaning

  • Create a customized Transition Guide tailored to you and your goals

  • Receive support, processes and guides in moving forward with Intention, Definition and Focus!


  • Each month will consist of 3 - 45 minute coaching calls with Stacy

  • Each month will consist of 1 -1.5 hour private equine guided coaching session at ranch.​​

  • Unlimited email support

  • A Personalized Transition Guide

  • 2 bonus 30 minute calls to be used at anytime for a total of 17 coaching calls

  • 1 bonus equine guided coaching session out at ranch for a total of 6 equine coaching sessions


3 Months

This coaching program combines mindfulness and self-mastery coaching with the powerful and majestical  of the horse.

Come experience for yourself the power of the horse/human interaction.  Bond with these powerful animals and learn more about yourself while having fun!

Enter our arena with an open heart to:

  • Learn to trust your intuition and impressions while allowing a different kind of knowledge to come through so you can clearly create a life path full of joy, ease and grace.

  • Ignite new pathways that will bring possibilities and growth.

  • Master the emotions of love, joy, curiosity and happiness while feeling inner calmness.

  • Connect deeply with a sentient being.

All inspired individuals are welcome, whether you have something specific you would like to work on, or just know there is more out there you would like to connect to.


  • 6 - 45 minute Life Coaching sessions with Stacy

  • 6 - 1.5 hour private Equine Guided Coaching sessions at the ranch

  • Weekly exercises to support growth and discovery

  • Unlimited email support

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Through guided exercises with the horse  you learn to identify what is true for you. 

​​Through monthly coaching calls you will take what you learned from the horse and apply it to your life.  I will support you, be your advocate and partner in your journey.

  • You will achieve clarity and focus in the moment.

  • You will develop the ability to stay focused on goals.

  • You will move forward with confidence and ease. 

  • You will learn how to listen and respect your intuition and impressions.


  • 1 - 1.5 hour private equine guided coaching session in a 1 month time frame

  • 1 - 45 minute coaching calls with Stacy in a 1 month time frame

  • Unlimited email support

   $175 $125/Mo
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Success Stories

Thanks so much for your support and guidance. Your gentle probing and tough questions opened up my mind and made me examine some tough places. You are very skilled at active listening and shifting through it all to get to the truth. You really made a big difference in this incredibly exciting juncture of my life. I feel well prepared to tackle it all with mindfulness and in a way that honors my authenticity. I will continue to work on the concepts that you introduced to me and to keep all of your sound advice in mind as I make future decisions.  ~ Jenny
Centaur Development Wellness Ranch is a safe place to experience yourself and gain valuable insights about your life.
Horse, Ella helped me "see" old emotions and situations I was carrying. With Stacy's guidance, we released and healed them together. It was very powerful for me...and Ella! Stacy is a highly intuitive life coach and her horses/teachers/healers will show you what is most helpful and needed now. CDWR is a very special and magical ranch and the horses and dogs are a lot of fun!  Darcy Pariso
I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Stacy and her beautiful horses during Centaur Development's Hug-A-Horse event this weekend. To summarize my experience in one word: affirming. Being with Ella, Zea, Stella, Luna and all of the other beautiful animals on the ranch was a liberating experience. Spending the afternoon drunk on the bliss of being with these majestic, healing and empowering animals, I just couldn't get enough!
If you have anything you need to release, see clearly about your life, or just have an intense need for grounding, I would highly recommend visiting the beautiful space that Stacy and her crew has created. - Kate Moriah
I am so thankful that Stacy and I connected. Stacy has helped me venture forward while finding enjoyment in the present. I am more in touch with my personal values and interests. I am able to look at my life through fresh eyes and like what I see. I discovered I don't need to work to have esteem but it is an essential part of me. And if I am to work then it should be a great job.   Stacy is knowledgeable, insightful, compassionate, resourceful and engaging. And she listens really well!  Stacy asks for more; works the sides of boxes, expanding and poking daylight into them; believes in dreams and desires; and enables hope and enjoyment for life.  ~ Doris

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