Ella - The Equine Queen

Precious treasure,
Bright with wonder,
Here for love, for growth,
To serve from  heart.

Teach us your wisdom
of the soul
of the air, of being.
Teach us how to derive strength
from inner light,
A weaving of waves of frequency
into freshness and life
Through the intention of heart.

It's true, we can never truly know you
but we can connect, soul to heart,
and experience your inner light
your wellspring of peace.

Guide us to your mane, your 
withers, your strong hooves
of steel.

Help us to release pain and suffering
In the process of caring and loving!

Show us our potential!
Lay our hearts open!
Help us heal!

Aho. And so it it.

By Maureen Rivelle - Intuitive Reiki Practitioner & Teacher
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