The horse/human relationship -- unconventional approach for personal development and growth.
Equine Guided Life Coaching​​​​

Equine Centered Coaching encourages growth and learning geared towards developing one’s self knowledge. ​​

Through guided exercises with the horse on the ground you learn to identify what is true for you. ​​

  • You will achieve clarity and focus in the moment.
  • You will develop the ability to stay focused on goals.
  • You will move forward with confidence and ease. 
  • You will learn how to listen and respect your intuition and impressions.

Partnership, encouragement, accountability, listening, and a different perspective are provided to you.

We talk about how this relates to your life including your desired goals, feelings, environments, and outcomes. 

This unique experience with horses is located in Snohomish Washington. We will work with horses on the ground and complete a range of exercises. 

No horse experience is needed. No riding is involved

Equine guided life coaching is specifically designed based on the unique objectives of each individual. 

Current and prior cleints have focused on:

  • Feeling a deeper connection with self and others.
  • Connecting to their own leadership and moving into action.
  • Gaining clarity about life purpose, mission and legacy.
  • Shifting from just living and doing to striving and thriving. 

Does this sound interesting to you?   If so
...this is a calling to engage in  Equine Guided Coaching.  

               Personal Freedom Coaching - Helping you move forward with intention, direction and focus

               The Building Blocks of You - Do you want more from life? Do you know what changes you should make to get more of what  you want?

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