1. To summarize my experience in one word: affirming. Being with Ella, Zea, Stella, Luna and all of the other beautiful animals on the ranch was a liberating experience. Spending the afternoon drunk on the bliss of being with these majestic, healing and empowering animals, I just couldn't get enough! If you have anything you need to release, see clearly about your life, or just have an intense need for grounding, I would highly recommend visiting the beautiful space that Stacy and her crew has created
    Kate Moriah
    "To summarize my experience in one word: Affirming."
  2. Centaur Development Wellness Ranch is a safe place to experience yourself and gain valuable insights about your life. Horse, Ella helped me "see" old emotions and situations I was carrying. With Stacy's guidance, we released and healed them together. It was very powerful for me...and Ella! Stacy is a highly intuitive life coach and her horses/teachers/healers will show you what is most helpful and needed now.
    Darcy Pariso
    "CDWR is a very special and magical ranch and the horses and dogs are a lot of fun!"
  3. Stacy has helped me to clearly identify my goals, and led me to better understand and implement successful personal and professional communication. Through her Equine Assisted Coaching program I have been enlightened by the incredible intuitive horses on how to connect on a deeper level with others, to commit and focus on the goal while being open, creative, willing and confident. I highly recommend Stacy as a Life Coach, she has made a positive impact for me personally and professionally! Thank you Stacy!
    Tricia Nelson
    "I highly recommend Stacy as a Life Coach"
  4. Gentle insightful interaction with the horses. You proceed at your own pace & comfort level, while respecting the horses energy.
    Mary Sparling
    "Gentle insightful interaction with the horses"