The horse/human relationship -- an unconventional approach for personal development and growth.

Welcome to Centaur Development Wellness Ranch​

Our programs are held at the beautiful Centaur Development Wellness Ranch in Snohomish, Washington, 45 minutes north of Seattle.   We have two happy Labradors that great our guest and supervise the activities.  While the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has a lot of rain, the upside is that we experience and enjoy green grass all year round. We also get beautiful spring and summer days when the temperatures are warm and comfortable and mild winters.
The property sits in a small private community that offers a quiet wooded environment with huge cedar trees throughout.  We have 9 acres, much of it pasture for the horses, a riding arena, half covered providing protection from the rain or sun, and a lovely barn for our horses. The arena is surrounded by woods and with a protected salmon stream nearby.  We continually get compliments about the peaceful and serene environment.  Everyone says, “just driving down the driveway, I feel a sense of peace and tranquility.”
  1. A beautiful sunset.
    A beautiful sunset.
  2. Luna
  3. Ruth and Flip grazing.
    Ruth and Flip grazing.
  4. Stella and Gee
    Stella and Gee
  5. Poppies
  6. Ella and Zea grazing.
    Ella and Zea grazing.
  7. Cozy spots around ranch.
    Cozy spots around ranch.
  8. Love those azaleas.
    Love those azaleas.
  9. Outdoor class room.
    Outdoor class room.
  10. Another outdoor classroom.
    Another outdoor classroom.
  11. Ruth resting in the sunshine.
    Ruth resting in the sunshine.
  12. It snowed a lot this winter.
    It snowed a lot this winter.

​​Meet Our Equine Coaching Partners


Ella has been with us for 14 years.  She is 16 years old.  She is the "alpha mare" of any group and our super star! 

Her specialty is healing. She encourages participants to find and honor their true selves.  She has been attuned to Level 3 Reiki and she uses it well. 
  Learn more about Ella

Zea is 14 years old and has been with us for the last ten years. 

She is very kind, practical and gentle.  Her specialty is showing us how much we can accomplish with minimal direction and communication, as we know it.  Zea is attuned as a Reiki Master​​

Ruth is Ella's baby sister.  She joined our heard when she was four months old. Now she is five.  

Ruth is our most spirited member.  She is learning to manage her energy and helps people to work with their own energy as well.

Read about Ruth's conversations with Animal Communicator Darcy Pariso in Animal Spirit Journal.

Gee is our new guy.  He seems to be a wise old sage that knows exactly where you are and what you should work on to move forward.  ​​

Gee often leaves participants in our workshops with deep meaningful messages.

We are honored to have Gee in our herd.
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